Board Minutes 4.17.24

Annual Meeting

Skidaway Farms

Present: Arkin, Corbin, Hughes, Kahn, Kollman, Popp, Sample

Absent: Tyson

Approval of last month’s minutes.

Financial Report: Steve reported and handed out a Profit and Loss statement that covered April ’23 – February ’24 that reflected  a net Income of $10,383.65. Total Income was $33,999., Expenses were $23,616.18.

Steve will transition our billing and accounts to Quick Books this month as the other billing system has not worked well.

Elections: 2024 elections were completed and the results were as follows: Steve Arkin, Jane Kollman, Steve Sample and Joe Tyson were elected to a three year term. Jo Hermberg was appointed a provisional board member until April 2025 ballot. We had 42 responses on Survey Monkey.

Inventory: the Farm will have 5 plots available to lease this fall. They are being prepared this spring.

Tee shirts: Jill reported that tee shirts would cost the farm approximately $6 – $7 apiece. Dorcas is going to look at other possible logos and will report next month.

Computer programs: Steve suggested looking into tech soup and mail chimp as computer programs that would be simpler and less expensive for our needs.

Next meeting: Wednesday, May 22 at 4 pm.