Board Minutes 5.22.24

Present:  Hermberg, Hughes, Kahn, Kollman, Popp, Sample
Absent: Arkin, Corbin,Tyson
Last Month’s minutes were approved.
Treasurer Report: Steve was unable to attend but submitted a Profit and Loss Statement through March, 2024 which we all viewed.
Inventory of Plots: Farm currently has 5 available plots to rent for the fall season. Jane has 5 prospective farmers on her waiting list.  There are 6 folks waiting for a raised bed and non available at this time.
Tee shirt fundraiser: Dorcas introduced more possible designs for a new Farm teeshirt. One was particularly liked by all, a circle with vegetables.  We would like to have our absent board member’s approval, select two or three and have the Farmer’s vote on their favorite.
Honey box: Trey Bellah has installed 3 beehives at the farm, on the front south west corner of the Farm, near the dumpster.  He is willing and able to sell his honey to the Farmers and has installed a box under the Pavilion for Farmers to pay for honey in different size jars. We’re thrilled as now we have two hives at either end of the Farm plus local honey!
Landlovers’ Grant: Landlovers has increased their annual grant to the Farm from $1000 – $1700. Thanks you Landlovers! Jane will write a note of thanks to the organization. 
New Business: Monica explored moving our communication system from Civii to a simpler system such as Mail Chimp now that our financials are managed separately and we only have need of a system that communicates with Farmers.  John Evans was suggested as someone who could help with this transition and he will be contacted.
Next Meeting Wednesday, June 19th, 4 pm.