Board Minutes 3.20.24

Skidaway Farms Board Minutes

Present: Hughes, Kahn, Kollman, Popp, Sample, Tyson

Absent: Arkin, Corbin

February Minutes Approved

Treasurers Report: Steve Arkin was absent due to death in his family. There was no treasurer’s


SBA loan in Skidaway Farm’s name is being investigated.

Farm Plots: there are only two plots left to rent and Jane has two prospective farmers on her

list. 23 plots have been leased since January 1st.

3 plots are currently not leased due to drainage problems. These plots will be remediated with

composting, coffee grounds, cardboard and will sit for a season in hopes this will solve the

drainage problems and be rented in the fall.

Tee shirts: Jill Corbin e-mailed a few designs for the Skidaway Farm’s possible tee shirt logo.

They were designed by Richard Ross, a graphic designer and father of Carol White, one of our

farmers. We discussed these and will get back with some requests to make it simpler.

New Business: Jane proposed a vote on expenditure for the installation of our customary

spring pine straw. Our fall cost was approximately $800. The board approved unanimously this


Board Elections: A ballot needs to be created and mailed to farmers for our annual elections

in early April. The ballot will list Steve Arkin, Jane Kollman, Steve Sample and Joe Tyson whose

terms are expiring. There will also be a write in opportunity.

Annual Meeting: Wednesday, April 17, 2024 at 5 pm