Board Minutes 2.21.24

Board Meetings 2.21.24

Present: Arkin (Zoom), Corbin, Hughes, Kahn, Kollman, Popp, Sample, Tyson
January Board Minutes approved and posted on website.
Treasurer’s Report:
Arkin reported that monies from Live Oak bank were being transferred to an FDIC insured account called Flourish which was offering 5% interest. Hughes co-signed the paperwork. The account will be linked to the South Street account so that money could be transferred easily. 
Steve also reported on YTD financials as well as past due accounts. Approximately 1/3 of the Farmers haven’t paid, mostly due to inability or hesitancy to use the INAGO system.  There were also some Farmers still in billing system who were no longer plot owners.  Jane will meet with Steve’s assistant, Shelby, to get these records straight at which time we will most likely mail the invoices that have yet to be paid.  This is a new system we are using so it will take some time for Farmers to get use to it.
One other report that was worrisome was Skidaway Farms was receiving an invoice to pay a small business loan that was allegedly taken out in 10/23. We have no record or knowledge that a loan was taken out.  It looks like someone used the name of Skidaway Farms to take out a small business government loan. Steve will explore further.
Budget for April 2024 – March 2025 will be ready for our next meeting.
Spring Festival: was decided not to have a spring festival but Popp and Sample volunteered to head up a social committee to explore new options for the Farm. Hughes will send out a blast asking members to volunteer for this committee.
Board Elections, Nominating Committee and Annual Meeting: we have four persons who will be on the ballot in 2024: Arkin, Kollman, Sample and Tyson. We can have one more candidate to reach our capacity for 9 board members. A blast will be sent out in early March to ask for candidates who would be willing to become board members. Our annual meeting is set for April 15th at 5 pm. Survey Monkey ballot will be put together by Hughes and will go out in early April. Notice of annual meeting will go out asap to conform to our bylaws.
Farm Maintenance items: Kahn believes that sometimes our farm maintenance items on financial reports are unclear.  Mike suggested that Maintenance categories be clear and succinct so that maintenance expenses can be put into appropriate categories.  Jane and Steve A will come up with categories that will make accounting for these items clearer.
Inventory of Plots: Kollman reported that 11 plots have been sold since 1/1. There are 12 available in ground plots and 10 farmers on waiting list for these. Jane expects they all will be sold by spring. The two available raised beds have been sold and there are 5 people on the waiting list for these.
Tee shirt fundraiser: Corbin reported on this, estimating that tee shirts could be bought wholesale for $10 and are available in poly, cotton blend or rayon, poly, cotton blend. We discussed a logo for the shirts, decided that short sleeves would be preferable.  Hughes will send out a blast asking for a possible graphic artist/farmer to design a new Skidaway Farm’s logo. If there is no response, Tyson may have a SCAD volunteer contact. Also we need to look at the logo we already have to see if that is usable.
New business: Popp began a discussion of her thoughts on trying to get some new blood, ideas and members involved in the Farm.  To that end as mentioned before, Dorcas and Steve S will be forming a committee to try and get some new farmers, younger farmers more involved in the workings of the farm. We were all in favor of this.
Next meeting: Wednesday, March 20th at 3 pm at the Farm.
Respectfully submitted: Monica Hughes, Secretary