Board Minutes 7.19.23


Present: Corbin, Hughes, Kollman, Popp, Rosen, Sample, Tyson

Absent: Barratt, Kahn

Treasurers Report: 

P&L from July 1 -19 was distributed as well as Balance sheet as of July 19th.  Tom said we had spent $20,000 on refurbishment of existing raised beds and building of new ones as well as resolving our drainage issue.

Plot status:

We have a total of 167 plots at the Farm and there are 13 unground plot and 6 raised bed available to lease this fall. Jane has a list of 24 farmers.

Fall Festival:

scheduled for Thursday, September 28th from 5-7 pm.  Tom, Joe, Dorcas and Al will get together to plan menu, prices, logistics.  Prices were voted on via e-mail after the board meeting and it was settled that tickets would be priced at $40 per ticket. Monica will send out a “save the date” blast to Farmers.130 will be maximum number.

Next Meeting: Tuesday, 9/12 at 3pm. There will be no meeting in August.