Board Minutes 5.24.23

Present: Frank Barrett, Monica Hughes, Michael Kahn, Jane Kollman, Dorcas Popp, Tom Rosen, Steve Sample
Absent: Jill Corbin, Joe Tyson

Frank Barrett was welcomed as a new provisional member of the board who will stand for election in 2024.
Minutes of April 14th were approved unanimously

Treasurer’s Report: Tom distributed the Balance Sheet and P and L through May 24th. Six month CD held at Live Oak Bank was closed when due in April and used to finance raised garden beds ($10,000+). Tom also distributed a renovation and new plot construction cost encompassing the monies spent since 8/22 through 4/23 on material and labor, totaling $22,787. This includes refurbishment of existing beds, new raised beds, drainage and irrigation system expansion. He estimated that the recovery for these plots would take 1.6 years.

Access Road and Parking Lot repair: Joe was not present so no update available. The large gravel is settling down and situation is much better than before the association dumped the stones. Michael was going to speak to Steven Freund about a possible further remedy.

Update on remaining work for raised beds: stone, compost, soil and sand still needed to complete raised beds. Only the sand is already paid for.

Plot rentals: Jane has 14 unground plots and 8 raised beds on a wait list for the fall. Work Party: there will be a scheduled spring work party held on Saturday, June 10th, beginning at 8 am. A blast will be sent to farmers.

Animal invasion: raccoons and squirrels ave been invading the farm and eating the vegetables, especially tomatoes. There will be some traps set for these invaders.

Army worms: also a problem in some plots and a blast will be sent out to remind and encourage folks to keep up with Dippel dust and/or BT once per week.

Grant from Landlovers was received for $1000, $500 to be used for children’s program and $500 for pollinator garden.

New Business: Frank discussed possibility of further donated monies from local and perhaps national orgs and will explore these possibilities for next meeting.

Irrigation controller is broken and a new one is needed. Jane will get a price and the board will be contacted via e-mail on the cost.

Plot prices: board had a discussion re raising the prices for our inground and raised bed plots. All were in favor of a raise, commensurate with increasing maintenance, material and labor costs that the farm is incurring. Inground plot cost will be raised to $150 and raised beds to $225 per year, beginning 9/1/23. The board voted unanimously for this needed increase.

Next Meeting: Wednesday, June 21st at 3 pm