Board Minutes 4.14.23

Skidaway Farms’ Annual Meeting 

Present: Jill Corbin, Monica Hughes, Michael Kahn, Jane Kollman, Dorcas Popp, Tom Rosen, Steve Sample, Joe Tyson

Opening Remarks: Michael Kahn, President of the Farm Board made a few remarks concerning the financial health of the farm in the year 2023. The Farm has, over the past few years, increased its membership and refurbished much of its infrastructure, added new plots and raised beds and attracted new farmers. Its financial health is strong and sustainable.

March minutes approved.

Board Officer election: Michael Kahn was elected to another three year term as president, Monica Hughes was elected to another three year term as secretary and Tom Rosen was elected to another three year term as treasurer. Jill Corbin was elected for a three year term as board member by farm annual vote as were the three officers. Frank Barrett was contacted by the nominating committee as a write-in candidate and will serve as a provisional board member for the upcoming year. Dorcas Popp and Steve Sample will be our nominating committee for 2024.

Treasurer’s Report: Tom presented our P and L statement, Balance sheet and a statement of our plot renovation, refurbishment and new plot costs as well as an estimated time of recovery for these expenses which totaled 1.6 years. Dorcas questioned the difference between the “farm maintenance” expenses, ie beatification, maintenance and “other”. Tom will email more specificity to board re these expenses.

Access Road Repair: the access road has been filled with large chunks of asphalt, much rougher than previous fillings. We believe they will settle down over time. Joe will talk to Sean Burgess about supplying more for the parts that didn’t get enough.

Raised beds: Drains have been installed and Duke Construction will construct the beds in the next couple of weeks. There may be some more drainage installed and then the beds need to be filled with dirt and compost (this has not been paid for yet.)

Security Cameras: the security cameras require more infrastructure than the board is willing to install so the cameras will not be purchased.

Communication: the board discussed ways that communication between board members may be improved. Monica will make sure all board members have a correct list of member’s e-mails and phone numbers. Board will try to respond in a timely matter to communication and will use the “reply all” button on all that is pertinent to the whole board.

Next Meeting: May 24th at 4 pm at the farm.