Board Minutes 3.15.23

Present: Monica Hughes, Michael Kahn, Jane Kollman, Dorcas Popp, Tom Rosen, Joe Tyson

Absent: Jill Corbin, Steve Sample

Approval of February Minutes

Treasurer’s Report: Tom is transferring CDs as they come due to higher interest bearing accounts and also removed $20,000 from savings to deposit in a 4.8 % interest bearing account. Current P and L and Balance sheet were handed out.

Security Cameras: Board voted and approved the installation of two $40 surveillance cameras, one at the south gate and another at the south east corner of the farm. The ayes were all except Mike who opposed this.

Access Road and Parking Lot repair: has yet to be accomplished. Joe will call Sean Burgess to see when this will be done.

Raised Bed construction: Charlie Jones will be hired to put the sand down for the new 4 raised beds and after this, the drainage work will be done. Work will then commence on construction.

Electronic Payment discussion: the board decided that electronic payment such as Venmo, bill pay or Zelle will not be used at this time but we will accept Pay Pal for our festival.

Landlover’s Grant will be applied for by Jane and will total $1000, $500 for pollinator garden and $500 for children’s garden.

Spring Pine Straw: board approved the purchase and distribution of pine straw for the farm’s pathways two times per year. Cost approximately $700 each season.

Field trip for children from the presbyterian church on 4.17. Teachers and parents will accompany the three year olds and Jane and volunteers will guide them.

Board Elections: Monica will create a survey monkey ballot to propose board members for another term with an ability to write in a candidate. We had no one volunteer to serve on the board but the members whose terms are expiring are willing and able to run again (Corbin, Hughes, Kahn and Rosen).

New Business: Tom will provide a short synopsis of the budget at the annual meeting on April 14th. Target date for the fall festival is Saturday, September 30th from 4-7.

Next Meeting: Friday, April 14th is our annual meeting at 4 pm, followed by our first garden party at 5 pm.

Submitted by Monica Hughes