Board Minutes 2.22.23

Present: Jill Corbin, Monica Hughes, Jane Kollman, Dorcas Popp, Tom Rosen, Steve Sample
Absent: Michael Kahn, Joe Tyson
Approval of January minutes
Treasurer’s Report:
 Tom is moving money as CD’s become due into higher interest bearing accounts so our CD’s are moving up to 4+% interest from 2% and 3% interest. Our savings are in an account bearing 3.5 % which will remain there as this money will be used in the near future for farm infrastructure needs. Our irrigation costs were over budget because of refurbishment of many of the irrigation systems in the raised beds. Our balance sheet was passed out and Tom will e-mail the P and L to board members.
Installation of Cameras at the Farm:
Discussion of camera installation as there was $400 worth of lumber stolen from the farm in February.  The lumber was what Joey was using to upgrade the raised bed and surround the new beds. Tom Rosen will provide the board with cost and specs of security cameras at the next meeting and there was discussion of where the cameras would be located for best coverage.  No decision has been made yet as to installation but deferred until board has more information.  Not all members were in favor of the camera installation.
Plot Report: 
Jane reported that 8 in ground plots and 2 raised beds were rented for spring.
Raised Bed Construction report: Steve met with Duke’s Construction Company and obtained an estimate for building 4 raised beds for the farm.  He presented the written estimate to the board which totalled $9,237.83 or 11,787.83 depending on whether the project took 3 or 4 days.
Drainage Estimate: Jane presented a written estimate for a resolution to the drainage issues on the east side of the farm which would be $2,300 from Walton Hall Co.
The Board agreed to move forward with both the drainage and raised beds project.
Online bill payment: there have been many request for online bill payment: electronic payment through farmer’s banks or a system such as Venmo or Zelle. Monica will explore these options and report back to the board.
Mosquitos: Jill has volunteered to purchase and distribute mosquito bits in the standing water at the farm.
Spring Garden Festival: no decision as to the spring event at this time. Deferred until March meeting.
Landlover Grant: Jane will once again request two grants from Landlovers: each $500.
Work Party: scheduled for Saturday, March 4th beginning at 8am. Monica will send notice to farmers about work party and remind farmers of their volunteer obligation of two hours per 6 month period.
Board Terms: Corbin, Hughes, Kahn and Rosen’s three year terms expire 5/23 and Kollman and Tyson expire in 5/24, Popp and Sample expire 5/25.
Nominating Committee will consist of Dorcas and Steve for this year’s elections which will be held in April.
Next Meeting: Wednesday, March 15th at 3pm.