Board Minutes 12.13.22

Skidaway Farm Board Minutes


Present:  Monica Hughes, Michael Kahn, Jane Kollman, Steve Sample, Joe Tyson

Absent: Jill Corbin, Dorcas Popp, Tom Rosen

Approval of 11.30.22 minutes.

Treasurer report: Tom was absent and notified us that the financial  report would be e-mailed the following day.

Update on plots: 10 plots are currently available for spring season.

there are currently 7 folks on the wait list for unground plots,

6 for raised beds.  We have a total of 166 plots.

Drainage issues: Joe presented us with a cost comparison of building

raised beds (to mitigate drainage issues in sections of the farm),

using Trex material vs treated wood. Cost included material,

delivery, fill material and water system. Trex would total: $4080

treated wood: $2980.

Quotes will be obtained from two construction companies: Duke’s

and one the association used to build the lagoon bridge near

Delegal. The board will review all material and make a decision

on how to proceed.

Parking Lots repair: Association employees were seen inspecting the

parking lot so we are hopeful it will soon be repaired.

New Business: there was a water breach on 12/17 and Jane was called

  and needed to come to the Farm to turn off the water.  Monica will

  send a blast with a picture of the water shut off switch as well as

  the new billing mailbox.


Next board meeting: Wednesday, January 18 at 3pm at farm.