Board Minutes 1.18.23

Board Minutes 1/18/23

Present: Jill Corbin, Monica Hughes, Mike Kahn, Jane Kollman, Dorcas Popp, Tom Rosen, Steve Sample

Absent: Joe Tyson
Approval of 12/13 minutes

Treasurer’s Report: Live Oak CDs are increasing in interest payment and one will accrue 3.5% rate this spring, beginning in April.
There was a small interest payment error on the current profit and loss statement which will be corrected on next month’s report. Our 2023 budget was passed unanimously. Tom will be away next meeting but will email report to board members.

Update on plots: Jane reported that there are currently 10 inground plots available and 7prospective farmers on her waiting list for these plots. There are 2 raised beds available and 7 on her waiting list for these.

Access Road and parking lot repair: So far there has been no response to Mike’s letter to the association for help with assess road repair. Mike will visit the Association office and speak with Sean Burgess on the possibility of repairing the parking lot and access road with crushed asphalt.

New raised bed plots: Steve will follow up getting a few estimates on the cost of this project, the construction of 4 new raised beds on the eastern side of the farm where the drainage is a problem. Steve will contact Duke’s construction and Sean Burgess of the Association for a possible referral and estimates.

Irrigation supplies: there is a need to put a filter on the pump at the garden as the water fed through the pipes has become silty and is clogging the raised bed irrigation system. Jim McClain who put in the pump will install the filter and estimates it cost to be about $200. Board voted to proceed.

New wildflower plants: Jane will purchase 50 new perennials for the flower beds at the cost of $189. Board voted to proceed.

Blast: Monica will send out a blast announcing a spring planting tutorial held on Sunday, February 19th at 1 pm. Farmer Jane will host.

Annual Meeting is set for Friday, April 14th at 4 pm at the farm. This will coincide with the first BYOB garden party of the spring season at 5 pm.

Next meeting will be held on Wednesday, February 22nd at 3pm at the farm.