Board Minutes 10.20.22

Board Meeting Minutes 10.20.22

Present: Jill Corbin, Monica Hughes, Michael Kahn, Tom Rosen Absent: Jane Kollman, Dorcas Popp, Steve Sample, Joe Tyson

Approval of 9.28.22 minutes
Treasurer’s Report: Tom presented balance sheet and P and L statement as of 9/28/22 which does not reflect the addition of new fall farmers, (approximately 21). Next month’s numbers will reflect our added income due to this influx and Tom will also present a proposed budget to the board in November meeting.

A discussion of our policy (or lack) of the refurbishment of existing plots, both in-ground and raised beds as well as irrigation systems in raised bed ensued. The board needs to establish a concrete policy and budget regarding refurbishment of existing plots and this will be discussed at our November meeting.

Plots: Jane reported via e-mail to Mike that we have 18 new plots in sections H and F and 15 are leased. Also there is a total of 12 previously rented plots that will be available for rent. Plan is to lease all new plots, refurbish those previously rented plots as needed and lease them next. Jane still has 6 people to contact to determine if they still want plots. Jane has sold 14 plots since September meeting. Tom’s numbers and Jane’s numbers are different.

Drainage: no update
Repair of parking lot: not been repaired

New Business: Mike suggested that we explore the possibility of having an employee of the farm who can maintain our the farm’s infrastructure on an ongoing basis. Cost, requirements, job description and financial feasibility need to be addressed and studied by the board. This will be discussed again at next meeting with full board participation hopefully.

Next Board Meeting: Wednesday, 11/30, at 3 pm.