Board Minutes 4.1.22


Skidaway Farms Board Meeting Minutes: 4.1.2022

Present: Jill Corbin, Monica Hughes, Michael Kahn, Jane Kollman, Dorcas Popp, Tom Rosen, Joe Tyson,
Missing: Steve Sample
Board Minutes from last meeting,3/22/22, were approved unanimously.

Treasurer’s Report: Tom Rosen presented and handed out copies of our balance sheet from January – March, 2022 and our Profit and Loss Statement through March 2022. Financially, we are operating on budget and are in good shape. Our upcoming major expense will be solving our drainage issue.

Drainage Update: Still waiting for ACE to come up with a new estimate and plan on how to mitigate drainage. More detail and estimate forthcoming.

Pot Holes still need filling in the parking lot. It is on Association’s list according to Bill Campbell.

Pollinator Garden: purchased plants from the Audubon to plant in our pollinator gardens. We used funds that Audubon had granted us in 2021.

Farm Message Board has been refurbished by Al Stiles. The cost of materials was approximately $400 and the labor donated by Al.

Raised Bed watering system: purchased 6 new controllers and have used 3 of them so far.

Garden Plots: Jane has 14 folks on her fall plot list.

Spring Festival: date: May 4th, ticket: $35 per person. Farmers will have 7 days to buy two tickets before tickets will be open to public. Checks will need to be dropped off to secure a slot. Pay Pal will not be used. Food will be prepared by the Skidaway Farm’s Gourmet Team.

Next Board meeting: Wednesday, May 18th at 3 pm at the Farm.