Board Minutes 12.15.21

Skidaway Farms Board Meeting Minutes: 12/15/21

Present: Sue Burns, Jill Corbin, Ralph Hinz, Monica Hughes, Michael Kahn, Jane Kollman, Tom Rosen, Joe Tyson, 

Absent: Dorcas Popp

Board Minutes from last meeting 11/17/21, were approved unanimously.

Irrigation: Ralph Hinz attended the meeting and reported on the replacement of the irrigation controller, pressure tank and signal light. The pump is now working properly.  Ralph’s son will be paid in full for his labor and parts.

Treasurer’s Report: Tom Rosen presented current balance sheet and profit and loss statement to the board.  All bills have been paid for the month, excluding Jones Coastal Landscaping which comes at the end of the month.  Tom will present a proposed budget for 2022 at our next board meeting. The farm had a net profit this year despite all the improvements to plots, raised beds, etc. 

Drainage Update:  Bill Campbell visited the farm and met with Joe and Jane to take a look at drainage problem, suggested catch basins be installed underground.  More detail forthcoming.

Garden Plots: Jane has rented 11 out of our 14 new plots to new farmers.  There will be 10 inground plots and two raised beds to sell in the spring.  There have been 20 in ground plots and 2 raised beds that have been leased since September. 

Board Member terms:  Jill Corbin, 2020, Monica Hughes, 2020, Michael Kahn, 2020, Tom Rosen, 2020, Jane Kollman, 2021, Joe Tyson, 2021, Sue Burns, 2022, Dorcas Popp, 2022.

Sue and Dorcas will run for election in the spring of 2022. There will be 3 openings for board members.  Monica will send out a blast to farmers requesting interested candidates to submit their names to Michael Kahn who will chair the election committee. 

New Business: there will be a spring festival this year in May. Annual meeting will be held in April.

Next Board meeting: January 26th at 1 pm at Michael Kahn’s home on 1 Clamshell Lane.