Hallogreen Plant Luck, 10.30.21

Whether you’re already a committed Plant Based / Vegan or curious about it, you’re invited to this inaugural gathering launching a Whole Food Plant Based Club here on the island as Plant Based Productions Presents:

Plant Strong of Skidaway Island

     The purpose of this group is to bring our community of eaters together on various levels. If you’re interested learning about the health benefits and the power of plants, in sharing meals, learning more about how to prepare or transition to this way of eating or converting some of your favorite recipes, sharing a garden plot at Skidaway Farms, attending teaching & tasting sessions or just meeting people with more experience with these types of foods, then this may be the new group to associate with, after all, we all do need to eat!

     Though this will be over Halloween weekend, you don’t have to be scared to taste some different, real foods and meet new people! Did you know that some of our club pros are plant based? And they’re willing & available to share their experiences & knowledge with you along with myself.

DATE: Saturday the 30th

TIME:  12 noon- 1:30ish

OUTDOOR LOCATION: Skidaway Farms Pavilion (porta potty on premises)

RSVP BY SUNDAY, OCTOBER 24th to Simone Heymen at simoneheymanwfpb@gmail.com

     Please bring a GHOULISH dish to share; such as Finger Food, Side Dish, Salad, or Dessert, or if you’re just getting into this, we’ll need paper plates, napkins & utensils as well. 

     Feel free to bring a family member, friend or guest and bring your own beverage of choice. 

     I’m looking to coordinate the offerings so please let me know how many people in your party and what you’d like bring. If you’re looking for ideas, I’ll be glad to make suggestions. Once I here from those who are coming, I’ll let y’all know how many people to expect. 

     It’s time to get this GRASSROOTS, some pun intended, rocking, so that we too have a voice that’s heard in our community & have options when we are in any of the Dining Rooms, The Deck or Arnie’s Tavern, Cabana Bar or participate in Club events, rather than always being on the fringes.

     If you’re interested in being a part of this group though you CANNOT attend, please reply back to me saying so as I’ll need people who want to bring their talents, experience and areas of expertise to a board committee. 

     This activity will be under the auspices of Landlovers which requires a yearly contribution of $30, though you do not have to be a resident of The Landings, you just need however to be a Skidaway Island resident or a guest of a Landlover member. 

     We hope to see you on the 30th! 

~~Simone Heyman~~


 Plant Strong of Skidaway Island