Board Minutes 3.24.21

Skidaway Farms Board Meeting Minutes: 3.24.21

Present: Susan Burns, Ralph Hinz, Monica Hughes, Michael Kahn, Jane Kollman, Tom Rosen, Joe Tyson

Absent: Karen Burroughs

Treasurers Report:

Tom reviewed his treasurer’s report that he had emailed prior to the board meeting.  Skidaway Farms is thriving, with bills paid and our income up $1000 over prior year.  We have an increase in farmers from prior years and have been able to do some needed repairs and upgrades this year. We will look into preparing more plots and raised beds for the fall as well. Our outlook is excellent and we thank Tom for his fine stewardship of our monies and keeping us so well informed.

Board Elections:

Jane Kollman, Joe Tyson and Ralph Hinzes’ 3 year terms are expiring spring, 2021.  We will be holding elections for these three board positions between 4/10 – 4/15. Monica will send a blast to the farm community requesting that anyone interested in serving on the board for a three year term send an e-mail to Michael Kahn (  Michael will convene a nominating committee and the election will be executed via survey monkey by Tom. Nominations need to be sent to Michael by 4/4.  Election results shall be announced at our annual meeting which will be held on 4/22 at 1 pm at the farm. Masks and social distancing will be required at our annual meeting.


After discussion, the board agreed to modify the by-laws regarding the 6 year term of officers.  Our bylaws currently contain wording that restricts a board member from serving for longer than 6 years. 3.04 (a) “No director shall serve more than six (6) consecutive years.” The Board voted unanimously to remove this restriction.  Board members continue to serve a 3 year term.

Children’s Garden:

Jane reported that we have 11 youngsters learning how to farm in our children’s garden.  Jane is assisted every Saturday by Jill Corbin and Carol Stiles.  

Landlover’s grant: 

Jane submitted a grant to the Landlovers Club as she does every year. The grant is for $1000, $500 for the pollinator garden and $500 for the children’s garden.


Spring festival was discussed for the fall this year due to covid restrictions and will be discussed at the next board meeting.  Monica will explore the viability of raising monies through tee shirt sales.

Next Meeting:

Our annual meeting will be held at the farm at 1 pm on Thursday, April 22.

Mmmm with a slightly lower loss than budgeted for June and approximately $6700.00 better than

Meeting was adjourned budget for the year. Most of our plots are rented in the Spring so we will more than likely be running monthly losses for the balance of the year. Plot rentals are pretty much running at plan and so we should hit plan if we don’t lose any more Farmers when renewal invoices are sent.

Our receivables are current so we do not have a delinquency problem.

The Farm Plat has been updated with a number of plots being designated as rentable that were previously under solarization. We also lost the rental renewal on two plots bringing our net loss to 5.

I will be more than happy to answer any questions you have at our Board meeting.