Board Minutes 2.26.21

Board Meeting Minutes February 26, 2021

Jill Corbin, Ralph Hinz, Monica Hughes, Michael Kahn, Jane Kollman, Tom Rosen, Joe Tyson

Absent: Susan Burns, Karen Burroughs

Treasurer’s Report: Tom had previously e-mailed to the board the income and balance sheet for Feb. We incurred a non-recurring expense of $1.2+K for our drainage project that was not budgeted and impacted our income to date. You will also notice the increase in our investment at Live Oak Bank, $7500+ can be transferred immediately to the South State Bank on demand if needed.

The Balance Sheet remains strong and reflects a thriving community garden. Hat tip to Farmer Jane and her unwavering commitment to registering new farmers. The income statement is on track even with the drainage project expense. Tom found a couple of donations made by Mike Kahn and Blake Caldwell through Pay Pal. Jill will check the website to see if we can have donations directly paid to Skidaway Farms to avoid paying Pay Pal a fee.

Bell installation: bell has finally been installed at the farm thanks to Joe and son. The plaque has been affixed as well and we may have some sort of a ceremony re bell at our annual meeting.

Drainage: our drainage project has been completed without the use of a sump pump. Cost was $25. per foot for the underground installation of piping, totaling $1240. Hope that it will alleviate some of the problem. It has been an extraordinary wet winter and our farm is in the “low country” so drainage will always be a problem and farmers are advised to build their plots up and create gullies between planting rows.

Farm Brochure: Jill distributed final copies the new farm brochures. They are colorful and well written and will serve as a great advertisement of our community farm. They will be available at the garden and throughout the Landings.

New Farmers: our farm is thriving with 11 new farmers since January. We are exploring raised beds as they are increasingly popular and will build one to establish the cost for increasing that number to 4. Also looking to solarize plots in G and H for the possibility of future raised beds. Jane held a spring planting seminar with an attendance of approximately 40 people, the largest in years.

Work Party: scheduled for Saturday, March 13th at 8 am. Monica will send blast. Next meeting: Wednesday, March 24th at 1 pm at the farm.