Board Minutes 11.18.20

Farm Board Minutes, November 18, 2020

Present:  R Hinz, M Hughes, M Kahn, J Kollman, T Rosen, J Tyson

Absent:  S Burns, K Burroughs, J Corbin

Treasurers Report:

Tom reported that we are strong financially due to our dues increase last year and our increased rentals. Tom also has set up a new designated Skidaway Farms mailbox at the Association building that farmers can use. He will be preparing the new budget for the upcoming year this month.  He and Jane will get together to go over the list of current farmers to ascertain which plot renters have deposits paid. He and Monica will review the CIVI-CRM list to make sure it is current.

Bell installation update:

Joe Tyson reported that the bell will be installed  as soon as his son and he can coordinate a time.

Drainage problem: 

This is still being researched as to the best, most effective and least costly way to solve. Joe will see if he can get a referral for a professional who would give us an estimate so that we can move forward.


we currently are without a beekeeper at the farm.  We need to have bees for pollination.  Monica will contact the beekeepers association for referrals, send a blast and get something published in the TWATL.

Work Party:

a work party was scheduled for Saturday, December 5th at 9 am.  Monica will send a blast.

New Farmers:

Jane reported that we have 7 new farmers this fall which includes two plots the garden club has leased.  They will provide Emmaus house with the produce from one and establish a pollinator garden in the other. Hannah Burtnik will be their representative.



the pavilion needs to be cleaned.  Jane will secure a pavilion power wash bid from Jon Kowtowski including the picnic tables with a separate bid for the benches.


New business:

Ralph reported that there is Dallas grass on the western side of the farm, outside of the fence that he is concerned will begin to invade the garden.  A decision was made to keep it controlled by mowing for now.

Also Ralph needs to replace a transmitter for the irrigation system.  The board voted unanimously to approve this expense of $379.

Next Meeting will be held on December 16th at 4pm in the large club conference room.