Board Minutes 10.21.20

Present: K Burroughs, S Burns, J Corbin, M Hughes, M Kahn, J Kollman, J Tyson

Absent: R Hinz, T Rosen
Treasurers Report: 
T Rosen was absent but promised an e-mailed treasurer’s report by weeks end and will report on both months at our November meeting.
Bell installation update: Joe Tyson reported that the bell will be installed as soon as his son and he can coordinate a time.  
Drainage problem: this is still being researched as to the best, most effective and least costly way to solve.
Pavilion use/schedule: Jane has received request to use the pavilion for meetings and events.  The garden club is using it twice in October, once for their meeting and once for a bonsai  demonstration. After some discussion it was concluded that it was unnecessary to get involved with scheduling unless the use increases substantially.
Seed Saver Program: Jill will initiate a seed saver program with Ann Welsh who is also interested in this endeavor.  There will be a container in the pavilion for those farmers wishing to share their unused packet of seeds. 
Fall New Farmers: there are five new definite farmers for the fall and the garden club may take two more plots as well.
New Business; Jill made a mock up of a new brochure for the farm and presented it to the board.  Board members were requested to send any suggestions to Jill after reading it.
Next Meeting will be held on November 18th at 1 pm at the farm.
Meeting adjourned at 1:35 pm