Board Minutes 7.15.20

Skidaway Farms Board Meeting Minutes: 7/15/2020 

Present: Susan Burns, Jill Corbin, Ralph Hinz, Monica Hughes, Michael Kahn, Jane Kollman, Tom Rosen , Joe Tyson 

Absent: Karen Burroughs 

Treasurers Report:
Tom Rosen presented the current balance sheet and income statement as of mid July 2020. Our farm supply budget was up from 2020 proposed budget because of two items: new wheelbarrows (offset by a donation) and tractor part.Tom deposited $5,000 from our checking account into an 18 month CD account at Live Oak Bank and will deposit another $5,000 in November. Also the board unanimously passed a late charge fee of $10 after a plot invoice is 30 days late and for every month thereafter. Monica will add this fee into the Farm Rules. 

Drainage concerns will be first addressed by a study of the problem and possible solutions. Joe Tyson will ask Sean Burgess to come and assess the situation and propose some possible solutions to our drainage problem before we move ahead with installing French drains. 

New Business:
*Karen Burrough’s family farm bell will be hung at the farm this fall. Joe Tyson submitted a drawing of the mounting apparatus that will secure the bell. The board unanimously approved it. Jill Corbin will research plaques that will dedicate the bell to the Burrough’s family. 

*A new farm flyer will be created by Jill Corbin to replace our existing one. 

*The children’s garden will be active early October with 10 or 11 children involved. The individual children’s gardens will undergo renovation in the fall to be ready again for the spring season. 

*A blast will be sent to farmers reminding them to clean up their plots for the summer as well as adjoining areas. Also there will be a clean-up scheduled for this Saturday, July 18th from 7:30 – 10:00 am. Monica will send a blast. 

Next meeting:
Wednesday, September 23rd. There will be no meeting in August.