Board Minutes 6.17.20

Skidaway Farms Board Meeting Minutes: 6/17/2020

Present: Susan Burns, Karen Burroughs, Jill Corbin, Ralph Hinz, Monica Hughes, Michael Kahn, Jane Kollman, Tom Rosen 


Absent: Joe Tyson

Elected Board Members: 

The newly elected board members were officially welcomed and installed for their three year terms beginning in May, 2020: Jill Corbin our website editor and publicity person,  Monica Hughes secretary, Michael Kahn president and Tom Rosen treasurer. 


Treasurers Report: 

Tom Rosen presented the current balance sheet and income statement as of mid June, 2020.  Our financial position is healthy due to our influx of new farmers this spring and we have potential farmers on our waiting list for the fall.  At Tom’s suggestion the board voted to move $5,000 to our CD account at Live Oak in August.

Annual Meeting and Spring Festival:

Due to the Covid virus, the annual meeting and the spring festival which was postponed until the fall will not be held.  Until there is a vaccine for the virus, there is too much risk in large social gatherings.  Some small group dinners with social distancing may be held this fall as Tom Rosen volunteered his group of chefs to contribute these.  Will be further discussed in early fall as a fundraiser.


Drainage has been a problem in some area of the farm for quite some time. Jane will procure a bid from Charlie Jones for French drain installations that would solve the problem. 

New Business: 

The family farm bell that was donated by Karen Burroughs will be hung by Joe Tyson and his son with the help of volunteers.  Tom will ask Joe Tyson to render a drawing of the apparatus that will hang the bell.  The bell will be dedicated and hung this fall and a picture of the board will be taken at this time.

There will be a wedding at the farm on March 13th of a farmer’s daughter.  Board agreed to this and will charge $100 for the use of the farm but the farm will remain open on this day.  

The Landings Garden Club requested to meet at the farm and the board agreed to let them.

Next meeting:

Wednesday, July 15th at 1 pm at the farm.  There will be no meeting in August.