Farm Update

Dear Farmers,

The board of directors wants to share some good news with all of our amazing farmers. Skidaway Farms has experienced its best year in a long time! We’ve been able to balance our budget, attract many new farmers, maintain and elect a hard working board and benefit from a generous donation year.

We are grateful to all of you for pulling together to support last years’ first fee increase since the farms’ beginning and spreading the word to your neighbors and friends about this special place. We recieved $1350 in donations this spring: $600 from Landlovers, $250 from the Landings Garden Club, and $500 from a farm family that wishes to remain anonymous. Their donation will help to buy some new wheelbarrows to replace our rusty old ones, and our children’s garden is entirely supported by donations.

Hopefully this fall we will be able to celebrate together at a festival at the farm. Until then, it is with gratitude that we salute all of our farmers and donors for helping to create a community garden that is vibrant, healthy and sustainable.

The Board of Directors