Board Minutes 5.20.20

Present: Susan Burns, Monica Hughes, Michael Kahn, Jane Kollman, Tom Rosen,

Absent: Karen Burroughs, Ralph Hinz, Joe Tyson

 Treasurers Report: 

Tom Rosen presented the current balance sheet and income statement as of May 19, 2020.  Currently, there are 137 plots that are rented which reflects an increase of 22 new farmers since January 1st.  There are two on our wait list for next fall as plots are currently being solarized. Tom has moved our two CDs at Live Oak Bank from 12 month to 18 months term to accrue a better interest rate.

Our donation schedule reflected donations totaling $1350., $600 from Landlovers and $250 from the Landings Garden Club both to be used to help support the children’s gardens.  There was also a $500 anonymous donation for equipment which will be used to replace some of our old, non functioning wheelbarrows. Jane has sent a thank you for donations and Tom will explore the purchase of wheelbarrows.

Board Election: 

Since our previous board election was flawed, a new ballot will go out to our farmers.  We have 3 candidates who have been serving on the board, one provisionally, Tom Rosen, and 2 others whose 3 year term has expired and are interested in a running for one more 3 year term and two new candidates: Jill Corbin and George LaPenta. Monica will send out the ballot soon after she gets the survey monkey details from Tom.


Drainage has been a problem in some area of the farm for quite some time and needs to be addressed.  Jane will reach out to Sean Burgess to see if he could come out, study the problem and make some recommendations on addressing it.  Also Sean recently filled the potholes at the entrance to the farm thanks to Joe Tyson’s efforts in reaching out to him.

New Business: 

The family farm bell that was donated by Karen Burroughs will be hung by Joe Tyson and his son with the help of volunteers.  They have developed a way of hanging the bell securely.  We are down to one bee hive at this point as the second hive lost their queen and the bees died.  Hopefully a new hive will be restored.  Jane suggested that a picture of the entire board be posted on the website.

Next meeting:

Wednesday, June 17th  at 1 pm at the farm.  Hopefully we will be able to welcome our new board members at this time.