Board Minutes 4.14.20

Present: Karen Burroughs, Monica Hughes, Michael Kahn, Jane Kollman, Tom Rosen, Joe Tyson

Absent: Susan Burns, Ralph Hinz

Treasurer’s Report
Tom Rosen presented the current balance sheet and income statement as of April 13, 2020, as well as the budget for this coming fiscal year. Currently, there are 125 plots that are rented, including a substantial 2020 spring increase. Our balance sheet is good and Tom reminded us that the depreciation number, much of which is covered by insurance, can be added to the bottom line. Tom recommended that our two CDs at Live Oak Bank be changed from 12 month to 18 months to accrue more interest and will look to see if a local institution can afford us a better rate.

Board Election:
due to the Covid 19 situation, our election has not been conducted but Tom is going to initiate this in the next week or so. It will be done electronically through Survey Monkey.

New Business:
Due to all of our new farmers, to encourage and provide education for them, Jane will conduct a walk around the farm with tips on how to get started and thrive at farming in our community garden. When the date is decided, Monica will send a blast. Also Monica will send a blast to all farmers to remind them of their volunteer responsibility every six months.

Next meeting:
May 20, 1 pm at the farm.