Board Minutes 2.11.20

Present: Susan Burns, Monica Hughes, Michael Kahn, Jane Kollman, Tom Rosen, Joe Tyson

Absent: Karen Burroughs, Ralph Hinz


Treasurers Report: Tom Rosen presented the current balance sheet and income statement as of January 31st.There was an adjustment to our depreciation schedule.Tom is still unable to change the Quick books admin to himself but will meet with Rick Cunningham who will contact Bob Rogers, former treasurer re quick books sales receipt which has gone missing. Tom will also meet with Rick to take over the civi crm for the future as well as put processes in place for the easy transfer of the farm’s treasurer’s responsibilities.

Nominating Committee report: Michael Kahn reported that he had received no responses from recent blast sent out that asked for board volunteers.Tom Rosen will contact three people who may be interested and Jane will contact two.Monica will send another blast.

Marketing: Monica will contact association to put a notice on electronic boards that plots are available for spring planting.  Postings on New Neighbors website have been done by Monica and farmer Kevin. Tom Rosen will consult with Jim Guerard re possibility of a new and simpler website design.

Spring Festival: Date was set for May 6th, 4:30 – 7:30 with a serving time from 5 – 5:30.  130 capacity.  Tom Rosen and Joe Tyson have volunteered, once again, to organize the food with the help of their group of volunteers.  Monica will send out a “save the date” blast.  Sue volunteered to gather some “door prizes” for the festival from local businesses to be raffled off at the festival

New Business: May 10th Skidaway Farms will be on the Skidaway Garden Tour from 10 am – 2:30.  Jane will need help with farm docents.

Susan and Jane visited the new Bethesda compost initiative but effort is in early days and no collaboration appropriate at this time. 

Blast will be sent to farmers requesting help to repair boards used for garden enclosures with Mike as contact person. 

Karen’s donated farm bell will be brought to farm by Jane and her husband and Tom, Joe and Mike will figure out how to hang it.

Next Meeting: Tuesday, 3/24/20 at 1 pm at the farm.