Board Minutes 5.22.19



MAY 22, 2019

Present: M Kahn, J Kollmann, R Dillard, L Dillard, R Hinz, K Burroughs M Hughes
Absent: J Tyson, S Burns

1) Review of Bylaws, discussion re officers, terms and duties of officers
 Bylaws amended: Vice President/Farm Manager added, term voted to be 2 years,
Motion per J Kollmann, 2nd per M Kahn, approved by Board with 1 Nay
Added duties of Vice President/Farm Manager, Motion per R Dillard, 2nd per K Burroughs, unanimously approved.

2) Election of Officers:
J Kollmann elected to Vice President, motion per R Dillard, 2nd per M Hughes, unanimously approved.
M Hughes elected to position of Secretary, motion per L Dillard, 2nd per R Dillard, unanimously approved.

3) Treasurers Report: Current Assets:
Checking: $20,233.04,
CD, Live Oak Bank, 1) $20,105.06, 2) $9,000
All but one outstanding account have been received
Net $3600 from Spring Festival, $405 from raffle
T Rosen generously donated $$ for the food, Written thank you to be sent per M Hughes.

4) Solarization policy:
Motion to charge $ half years rent if plot turned in and needs solarization in addition to the cleanup fee, motion per J Kollmann, 2nd per R Dillard, unanimously approved.
Terms: $50 for 10x 20 plot, $75 for Raised bed, rental form will be updated to reflect the change.

5) Raised bed addition:  R Hinz will research cost for materials and labor.

6) Plot Markers: not cost effective, Ralph has made a plot map to hang in Pavilion to reflect the section/ number

7) Message Board /comment cards: Discussion re need or not, decided to continue with message boards at front and rear entrance of the farm.  No need for comment cards as most needs are communicated to J Kollmann either at the farm or via email.

8) Marketing Update: L Dillard has an idea for a large fundraiser for the fall, details to follow.

9) Thank you baskets, per L Dillard,  basket will be prepared for L Lewis first, then for Jerry at the Twatl.  Motion to prepare baskets per L Dillard, 2nd per R Dillard, unanimously approved .

10) Survey Review: tabled until next meeting, each Board member will review and report what they think might be a needed change, will be discussed at next Board meeting.

Motion to adjourn per J Kollmann, 2nd per L Dillard

Next meeting July 24, 4 pm @ the farm