Board Minutes 9.19.18

Present: M Kahn, J Kollmann, M Hughes, R Hinz, J Tyson, C Adler, L Dillard

1)  Finance report per B Rogers, outgoing Treasurer:
    Checking Account, $ 11,836.19, Asset Replacement Account,                $19,286.29

a) L Dillard was officially installed as new treasurer for the farm with a motion by J Kollmann, seconded,  C Adler.
Unanimously approved.

b) M Kahn was officially installed as President of the farm board with a motion by M Hughes and seconded by J Kollmann.
Unanimously approved.

2) Welcome to our two new bee hives! Hopefully they will stay healthy and our crops will do well with their presence.

3) Weather station for the farm has been approved by Skidaway Audubon.  They will fund installation and operating  costs.  This will be installed by R Hinz.

4) Pathways are in need of new  pine straw, a cost of around $500 approved per the Board.  A work party will be scheduled for mid to late October for distribution on the pathways.

5) Work party set for Saturday, 9/22, 8-11.  Discussion ensued to look at finances and increase maintenance budget to have more of the cleanup work done by the team that currently takes care of mowing, weed control on pathways and plot clearing as needed.

6) Signs will be obtained by R Hinz for fence line  reminding farmers not to throw debris over the fence.  It gets caught on the electric fence wire causing it to short out.  

7) Tractor needs repair, new seat has been installed, and fuel pump is on order reported by R Hinz.

8) Need to update Data Base and Farm Map.  C Adler to email R Cunningham and B  to meet with the Board to accomplish this.  

Motion to adjourn per J Kollmann, second per M Kahn

Next meeting, 10/10, 5pm @ the board room at club offices.