Board Minutes 3.7.18

Present:  M Welsh,  J Kollmann,  C Adler,  B Rogers,  M Hughes, M Kahn, R Hinz
Absent:  J Tyson

  1. Financial Report per B Rogers: plot renewals continue to be posted.   Bob will gather information for the approval of the budget for our April Board meeting.
  2. Checking Account: $12,681.71 , Asset Replacement Account: $16,269.48
  3. Eight new farmers have signed on since the first of the year. Plans to enclose a few more plots with lumber discussed.
  4. All irrigation controllers on raised beds reinstalled after frosty weather has passed.  Several replaced and repairs done as needed.  Discussion ensued about how to go forward with maintenance of the controllers on the raised beds, ie farmer responsible or Ralph to maintain for a fee.  Cathy will draft a letter to all raised bed farmers to be sent after Board approval.
  5. Spring Festival set for May 6, rain date: May 8.  Joe and Tom will put together a group to take care of food as the Club will not be able to do this year.  Will gather a group of volunteers to take care of desserts. Ticket prices will increase to cover food costs.  Individual: $25, Couples: $50, Family: $65
  6. Work party at the farm set for April 7, Monica will blast as time gets closer.

Next meeting: April 4, 5 PM @ the farm

Motion to adjourn JK,  second, MW