Board Minutes 1.17.18

Present:  J. Kollmann, B. Rogers, C. Adler, J. Tyson, M. Hughes,  M. Kahn, R. Hinz

Absent: M. Welsh

  1. Financial report per B.Rogers, $11,263.88 in checking account,    $13,938.53 in asset replacement account. Motion made per C.Adler to move  $5,000 from checking account to asset replacement account.  Second per J.Kollmann, unanimously approved by all.
  2. Spring Festival: date set for May 6th, 2018. Joe will speak to T Rosen to verify with Club/Chefs that date is ok.  Discussed increasing the ticket prices as it is a farm fundraiser.  After February meeting Monica will send a “save the date” blast to all farmers for the Festival.
  3. Skidaway Audubon is funding/donating weather stations throughout the Landings, including the farm. The statistics will be tracked through The Weather Underground. Monica will purchase a soil temperature thermometer for the farm and will be mounted in the Pavilion for all farmers to use.
  4. Board approved the Farms donation of $200 to be a hole sponsor at the upcoming Audubon Golf Tournament.
  5. Board approved the purchase of lumber for rebuilding the individual plots of the Children’s Garden. A farmer has volunteered to assist with the construction.
  6. Irrigation update per R.Hinz: irrigation controller seems to loose memory when irrigation is turned off and back on, will change the battery and monitor. The pump will remain off until Saturday when the weather is to moderate.
  7. Electric fence update: west side of fence at starting left of main gate isn’t functioning properly, probable replacement of bottom wire will be necessary, will need to look into finding an Electrician for the work.
  8. Deer Fence update: has been noted there are a number of warped, broken boards in Fence that will need to be addressed. The Board will do a walk around at the farm to determine repair needs.
  9. Board approved purchase of lumber to enclose 2 plots in section B to improve the “curb appeal” as folks enter the farm. C. Adler will check with her contact at Guerry Lumber to obtain a discounted price for lumber supplies for both this project and the Children’s Garden project.
  10. Work party will gather on 2/3 to install lumber surrounding the two plots to ready for rental.

Next meeting Feb.1, 5pm at Club Offices

Motion to adjourn per J. Kollmann, second per C. Adler