Board Minutes 11.8.17

Present: M. Welsh, J. Kollmann, J. Tyson, M. Hughes, B. Rogers,     M.Hughes, R. Hinz

1) Treasurer Report: checking account : $14,930.67

       Asset replacement account: $11,263.88.

      New computer and Quick Books program purchased for $550                   

2) Wet area between raised beds discussed.
      a) soil cloth to be removed, Ralph will cap an outer irrigation line   to see if things improve.  A French drain may need to be installed to assist with drainage in the area. An estimate will be obtained for the addition of 200 square feet of stone potentially to be applied to the area.
    b) overhead irrigation is up and running in the Organic Section.

3) The Landings Garden Club will host a propagation workshop in the Pavilion on 11/9

4) St Andrews first grade class to visit the farm on 11/13 for their annual field trip; this includes a discovery tour, an assignment and concludes with a picnic lunch in the Pavilion.

Motion to adjourn per J Kollmann, second per M. Kahn

Next meeting 12/12/7,  5:00 @ Landings Club Office