Board Minutes 6.7.17


Present: M Welsh, J Kollmann, C Adler, B Rogers, M Hahn,  M Hughes
Absent: J Tyson

1) Discussion re: thank you compensation to Chefs and staff for helping to make Spring Festival a great success. Dollar amount of       $700 approved, motion per M Hahn, second per J Kollmann. Checks to Chef Sam Broad, Chef Jamar Pryor and Chef Joe Truax. Mike will get checks to Tamer El-Kamel for distribution.

2) Discussion on whether or not to leave electric fence on during the day to prevent squirrel intrusion/destruction of tomatoes. Was decided for safety reasons not to do this.

3) Monica to send thank you note to farmer who donated four new garden carts.  An online note will also be posted.

4) Ralph has new parts ordered to update and improve some of irrigation heads.

5) Allstate Grant : Jane to gather info and report at next meeting.

6) Finance Report: $1500 profit from Spring Festival, $$ will remain in checking to cover ongoing operational costs. $19590.71 / checking account, $11263.88 / savings

7) Bob continues to work on decreasing insurance costs for farm.

Motion to adjourn, C Adler, second, J Kollmann

Next meeting, 7/5/17 5PM @ farm