Board Minutes 3.8.17

Present:  Mike Welsh, Jane Kollmann, Joe Tyson, Bob Rogers, Monica Hughes, Ralph Hinz, Cathy Adler, Rick Cunningham

1) Proposal heard for citrus at farm along the north side of fence line               
      Opinions will be solicited in this year’s survey.

2) Monica reported on the Bylaws that give guidelines for upcoming election of new board members.

a) A motion was made per C. Adler to delete the portion of the bylaw that states ” Board is without compensation ” and change to ” with the exception of a 50% reduction in one plot rental for serving on the board” , second per J. Kollmann, unanimously approved.

b) Monica will send blast to notify farmers of upcoming annual meeting on 4/12.
J. Kollmann will post on chalkboards at the farm

 c) Motion per C. Adler to accept the nominating committees recommendation for candidate slate: Mike Kahn & Bob Rogers , second per M. Welsh, unanimously approved.

3) Spring Festival: May 7, 4:30- 7:00, limited to 125 guests. Rick to set up online registration. Discussion re rain date, Joe to discuss with Tom Rosen when he returns.
Ticket prices determined: Couple/ $30, Family/ $40, Single/ $15
Ralph has researched cost for table, chair rental, delivery, setup, tear down. Mike will determine number of tables used in last Festival, cost will be determined, and order will be placed.

4) Work Party scheduled for 3/18, starting at 9:00, Monica will send blast, Jane will post on chalkboards at the farm.

5) Bob will have budget prepared for Annual Meeting on 4/12

6) a) Ralph researched cost for a filter on the pump, discussion ensued, decided the debris was more than likely a buildup in irrigation lines, no solution determined.
b) discussion re proper placement of filters on drip irrigation setups on the raised beds.

7) Rick will manage the online vote for upcoming Board election.

8) Concerns regarding the poison used in the rat traps at the farm causing harm to birds/ animals hunting the rats that have eaten the poison. Joe checked with Yates Astro and was told that the material in the traps will not cause harm to animals/ birds eating the rats.

9) Request for placement of Earth Fertilizer display at the farm, discussion ensued, decided against display, but okayed placement of a business card on the cork board in the message area of the chalkboards.

10) Discussion of request for citrus , decision made to survey farmers.

11) Received notice of Farms official status as a 501 3c. Bob continues to look at options to decrease Farms insurance costs.

12) New farm flyers approved, will seek to place in Real Estate Office. Ready for display at Village Festival on May 6.

Next meeting: Annual Meeting, April 12, 5:00 at the Farm

Motion to adjourn, J Kollmann , second, C Adler

Approved by: JK, MW, JT, MH, CA