Board Minutes 2.15.17

Present: Mike Welsh, Jane Kollmann, Cathy Adler, Bob Rogers, Monica Hughes, Joe Tyson, Ralph Hinz, Rick Cunningham, Audubon liaison

1) Budget report per Bob Rogers, January rental collection complete, February in progress. Farm is saving $75/ month with new dumpster service from Atlantic waste.
Checking acct: approximately $15,000, Asset replacement account $11,257.74

2) Board discussed and amended farm rules, motion per C. Adler to approve, second per M.Hughes, unanimously approved. Monica will post updated farm rules.

3) Next meeting Board to look at bylaws and assess the election of Board members terms according to the bylaws. Nominating Committee to meet and come up with recommendations for next meeting. Mike Kahn has volunteered to be on the Board.

4) Briefly discussed plans for Spring Festival, May 7th
a) will look into cost for having tables and chairs delivered and set up, and removed after festival.
b) will further discuss increase in ticket prices

5) Electric fence continues to have issues, mainly not continuous proper power to all sections. Electrician to assess on 2/16.

6) C Adler will cover the Farms booth at Rotary Festival in the Village on May 6 from 10-12, Bob will assist, other volunteers probably needed as there should be 2 persons on duty. Mike has farm info flyers ready to go to print and will look into printing a large banner for the booth.

7) Garden tool shed needs cleanup, tools washed, this is to prevent the spread of nematodes from garden to garden. Blast to be drafted and sent to farmers and notice placed in tool shed once area/tools cleaned.

8) Farm entry from McWhorter cleared of debris and fallen gates removed per TLA. Thank you sent to TLA management.

Motion to adjourn per M Welsh, second per C Adler

Next meeting March 8, 5PM @ Club Offices

Minutes passed February 27th by: MW, CA, JK, JT, BR, MH