Board Minutes 10.04.16



Present: Mike Welsh, Ralph Hinz, Joe Tyson, Cathy Adler, Bob Rogers, Monica Hughes
Absent: Jane Kollman, Rick Cunningham

1. Insurance costs higher since the incorporation of Skidaway Farms. Bob and Mike will get other some other estimates to see if the Farm can lower these costs.

2. Website postings discussed. One correction still to be made on Farm Rules which will then be officially adopted and posted. Monica will post the by-laws. Pictures of the first grade field trip need to be posted. Carol Stiles offered her help to set up children’s page. Monica will get in touch with Carol.

3. Feedback from last spring’s survey will be summarized and posted on the website this fall by MH.

4. Date for spring fest discussed and May 7th or 21st looked at, awaiting Jane’s ok. Also discussed was some sort of organized
potluck with the main course being provided by the farm and salads, desserts and veges by participants. Suggestions were made to emphasize that this was our one annual fundraising event.

5. Organic section needs to be cleaned up and a work party to be scheduled, probably late October. Some discussion about keeping the organic plots contiguous.

6. Blast will be sent to farmers re Hurricane Matthew and the need to remove or protect farm tools and decorative objects from the winds.

Submitted by Monica Hughes 10.5.16

Approved by MH, JT, KA,BR