Board Minutes 5.21.16

Minutes – Skidaway Farms, Inc. Board Meeting
Saturday May 21, 4:00 Skidaway Audubon Pavilion

Board Members: Present: Mike Welsh, Jane Kollman Absent: Ralph Hinz
Other Attendees: Bob Rogers, Monica Hughes (new board members)

  1. Treasurer Bob Rogers reported financial status:
  • Checking account : $17,711.40
    • Last year’s expenses $17,776 – Business expenditures $3717, Farm maintenance $8230, Gardening expenses (children’s garden,  farm beautification, etc.) $1795, Utilities (dumpster, electricity, port-de-let) $4034
  • Asset replacement account: $11,257.74
  1. The online election for the four new members of the Board of Directors is complete. Terms for new board members Cathy Adler, Joe Tyson, Monica Hughes, and Bob Rogers commence as of May 21, 2016. They now join Mike Welsh, Jane Kollman, and Ralph Hinz to complete the 7 member board. The following are the terms for each member:

    Cathy Adler–3 years
    Joe Tyson–3 years
    Jane Kollmann–3 years
    Mike Welsh–2 years
    Monica Hughes–2 years
    Ralph Hinz–1 year
    Bob Rogers–1 year

  1. The need for various updates to the website was discussed and Monica Hughes volunteered to begin to reorganize and update all the data on the site. Rick Cunningham will be assisting with a complete website renovation to simplify maintenance, updating and posting. Some new items include:
  • Plot renewal on hold until September ( not good time for planting success)
  • Set up monthly information for farmers pertinent to the garden condition regarding pests, disease, watering etc.

Next meeting Wednesday June 15, 5:00 at the farm