Freezing Temps early morning Jan 19!!

It’s been fun while it lasted, but the weather’s finally getting down to being WINTER!

Tonight the temperature out at the farm is predicted to fall well below freezing, with a low of 26 degrees at about 7:00 am Tuesday expected. If you have a drip system, you need to remove your timer and open up your filter to dump the water so there’s no freeze damage. Be sure to disconnect any hoses or other watering equipment that might be harmed by a freeze. Ralph Hinz will turn off the irrigation system and the pump, and will partially drain the hosebib system. He’ll return it to service once the weather is back to “normal”.

And if you have any late fall plantings that are still holding on you might want to harvest them unless you’re sure they can survive a hard freeze.

Happy Farming!

PS The Farm Board of Directors meeting on Wednesday the 30th will be held at 4:00 in the small conference room at The Landings Club Operations Office, 71 Green Island Road.