Oh Honey!


Farmers keen on planning their Fall crop met at the Farm this past Sunday to hear options for soil preparation and amendments; what and how much to plant and the recommended ways to control or destroy those unwanted pests that tend to enjoy the Farm as much as we all do.

Education Coordinators, Jane Kollmann and Joe Tyson were on hand to lead the group through their questions and provided much appreciated answers to how best to Farm on Skidaway Island.

Beekeeper, Barbara Phillips wowed the crowd with honey from her European honey Bees that live in the northwest corner of the Farm. Her two hives have produced jars of delicious honey that the Farmers in attendance snapped up quickly.  Barbara explained the habits of her bees and not only how wonderfully harmless they are to human activity but that their presence at the Farm has contributed enormously to the growth and pollination of our crops!


Thanks to Jane, Joe and Barbara for their work!