Our European Honeybees have been expanding!

Those of you who may have seen the bees forming rather large swarms this past week just outside the fence near the irrigation pump have been witness to the expansion process healthy communities of honeybees go through.  When their hive population gets too large for the hive itself, a new queen is born and she takes lots of her loyal folowers off to form a new hive somewhere else.

During this process, the bees are not aggressive towards us humans…in fact they could care less about us as they are satiated with honey and have other things on their mind!

Concurrent with this, several Farmers in Sections G, H and E have noticed increased wasp activity in the north end of the Farm.  As we all know, these insects can be unduly aggressive and a couple Farmers have been stung.  You know it’s a wasp or yellowjacket sting if there is no stinger left in you…bees lose their stinger when they sting you…and they die after stinging….unfortuneatly, wasps and yellowjackets don’t die …at least not just after they sting!

So please let your BOR Rep. Know if you have discovered a wasp nest or yellowjacket hive.  We will work on getting rid of it asap!