More New Things at the Farm!

More New Things at the Farm!!

Thanks to Bethesda Barn Builders for yet another wonderful addition to the Farm…our new chalk/bulletin boards!  We decided to use these boards to communicate quick news with the Farmers…you can’t miss them as you enter the Farm…one each at both entrances.

Moving the old bulletin to its new spot at the North entrance

Many thanks to the TLA who graciously lent us the front loader ….and Glen the driver… so this moving job could go smoothly!The top half of each board is a chalkboard…for quick notes and announcements…which the Governanace Committee will use to post notices for all to see.  The bottom half is a cork board that can be used for any and all postings Farmers may want to share with others…push pins are provided at the boards!

Putting the roof back on




See y’all at the Farm!


New gates at the Farm!

In order to make it easier to enter the Farm….with your hands full of garden tools and stuff… we have installed new gates on the outside fence.  These are 75-pound heavy guage farm gates that can swing IN or OUT, depending on whether you PUSH or PULL.  In the next few days, we’ll be adding side boards on the wood fence posts to block out the critters… and wiring to electrify the gates at night.

The inside fence gates are open in this picture…

In the meantime, here’s how to use the new one-handed latches…simply pull up on the gold-plated shaft and push the gate open. You can also pull up the other shaft if you want to pull the gate towards you… easy to use either way….the gates swing either IN or OUT depending on what you want to do.

Pull up one shaft…or the other…to either push or pull the gate open.

Once you pass through the gate, just give it a good shove and it will swing close… and snap back into the latch…all by itself!

So much easier!