We Have Unwanted Visitors…

Winter’s on its way so the critters are coming in closer to eat whatever they can forage….and that includes our veggies!

Many of you have swamp rats on your home property, especially if you live near a marsh.  Well, it’s no stretch then to hear that some Farmers have witnessed several swamp rats scurrying about the Farm recently.

Given this is something we don’t want to encourage, we asked Yates-Astro to set out some rat poison boxes around the Farm to get rid of them. The rats eat the stuff … get mighty thristy and wander to the nearest source of water – like the sprayfields next to the Farm … and then they die.  Not a pleasant scenario but a necessary one. Make sure you don’t have a ready supply of water…like a birdbath or a bucket…in your plot.

These black boxes have already been placed around the Farm as of today (Dec. 6th) so please don’t disturb them. Rick and Sara Culbreth of Yates-Astro have been friends of the Farm since the beginning and are doing this for us free-of-charge! We’ve offered some arugula and carrots in return which thrilled them to no end!

Any of you with extra produce from your plot can drop it by the Culbreth’s house – 81 Huntington Retreat – they’d love it!

If you have any questions about this project, contact the Governance Committee at chair@skidawayfarms.net

Thanks to Yates-Astro!!(12/6/12)