The Farm’s Building a Pavilion!

(for the TLA November Journal)

Skidaway Farms is proud to announce it’s in the final stages of planning for its Skidaway Audubon Pavilion. This open-sided structure will be built in the middle of the Farm …right in Valley Crest Square. Gerry Cowert of Cowert Design Group is lending his many architectural design talents while the physical construction will be handled by volunteers from Habitat for Humanity. Currently, if all schedules hold, construction will take place in January.
It will be wonderful to have a roof for shade, fans to cool off with and drive the gnats away, electrical outlets to power refrigerators or music devices and surveillance cameras that will watch over the entire Farm. Named to honor the incredible support Skidaway Audubon has given the Farm, the pavilion will make all Farm functions that much easier and better. For example, our Farmer Gatherings and Educational Sessions will be much more comfortable under the pavilion!
Farm Chair, Blake Caldwell and Event Coordinator, Cathy Adler have already begun the fundraising for this project. Given the sizable price tag for the building supplies, this fundraising drive must be successful in order for the pavilion to move off the drawing board and into reality. If you would like to find out more about supporting this incredible project, contact Cathy Adler at or Blake at
All contributions will be permanently noted in a plaque within Skidaway Audubon Pavilion by donor and funding category. Tax exempt pledges can be made by check payable to Skidaway Audubon, 600 Landings Way South, Savannah, GA 31411. Please put “Skidaway Audubon Pavilion” in the memo line.
Pumpkins and Bees…
The Farm’s First Fall Festival was an absolute delight! One cool October weekend found kids carving pumpkins and decorating scarecrows while parents and Farmers stuffed themselves with a table-load of homemade goodies…including two scrumptious Sweet Potato pies made with potatoes grown in the Farm! The Farm’s beekeeper, Greg Stewart and his associate, Laura Lu from the Coastal Empire Beekeepers Association held Farmers captive with a fascinating seminar on our European Honey Bees and a hands-on demonstration in how to extract honey from the combs…right there in our parking lot! The raw honey was outstanding and superior to anything bought at the store! And with over 35,000 bees and 50 pounds of honey stored in the Farm’s hives, this was an awesome event for the Farmers.
You can read more about our weekend by visiting Skidaway Farm’s website at