Sure is busy at the Farm!

All the hard work is paying off handsomely!  The plots are looking spiffy… the seedlings are taking hold… and the weeds are (almost) all gone!

Farm architecture…

Several Farmers have built some mighty fine frameworks for their plots… a good way to keep the soil level and for keeping (most of) the weeds out!  These are very attractive and if nothing else, show how much y’all care about your “acreage”!

The crew from Bethesda School has begun work on the Chef’s Garden… Evergreen Tree Co. is finishing the cleanup in the old compost area… our honey bees are busier that you-know-what producing pounds of honey that’s getting ready to be extracted from the combs… and the Children’s Program is in full swing!

What a difference the good weather makes on us Farmers… looking forward to that Thanksgiving harvest! (9/29/12)