Out of the Farm…Helping Others

(for the TLA Journal September)
On a very hot and humid morning, several Landings Garden Club members visited the Farm to collect flowers, herbs and baby vegetables. Jane Kollmann, the Farm’s Children’s Coordinator, had offered these ladies the chance to harvest what was left in the children’s plots so they could create floral centerpieces. These would be used to decorate the tables at a luncheon for the Garden Club of Georgia’s Oleander District Board which was held at the Plantation Club on August 1.
Meg Bremer, Anne Gardner and Anne Guira created the beautiful baskets with the help of Sandra Wolf and Lisa Hall. These creations were possible due to the generosity of some of our Farmers and made the luncheon a colorful gathering! Thanks to all who helped with this project!

“Fresh Produce!”
That’s what the Chef at Second Harvest exclaims with delight when he sees Farmer Denise Cunningham deliver the basket of Farm donations. Actually, she barely gets through the door before the Chef runs to meet her! Such a welcome!

Each weekend, Denise collects vegetables and fruit from many Skidaway Farmers who graciously donate their surplus harvest to this worthwhile charity. It’s the Farm’s way of helping those folks in Chatham County who need help to feed their families. In fact, to date, our Farmers have donated over 200 pounds of eggplant, peppers, watermelons, okra, corn and tomatoes since the Farm began this project back in June… that goes a long way towards helping families in need! Skidaway Farms is proud to be a part of this wonderful project!

Come Learn How to Farm…all ages welcome!

Parents and grandparents are encouraged to sign their kids up for the Children’s fall Program by contacting Jane Kollmann at children@skidawayfarms.net. This ten-week program begins on September 22nd. Adults interested in becoming one of Jane’s assistants should call her at 349-1395 to find out more about how the “mentoring” program could fit your schedule. You’ll learn how to grow vegetables while helping Jane with the kids!

As the summer plods on through the hot month of August, we Farmers are dreaming about our fall gardens while remembering how nice it was to harvest tomatoes well into December last year! So, come on down and join this incredible farming community! The gates are open 7am-8pm every day. Directions are on the Farm’s website at www.skidawayfarms.net