A Special “Shout-Out”

A very loud “THANKS!”  is due to all the folks who donated cardboard to the Farm for our wood-chip path coverage project:

Matt Joy and his Heritage Recycling Company

Pratt Industries

Cathy Adler of Carolina Pharmaceuticals

Savannah Kitchen and Bath – owned by Lukejohn and Amy Dickson

Wild Birds Unlimited – owned by Craig and Nancy McEwan

The Farm will be getting another load from Matt Joy to cover the remaining grass paths.  His new service – Heritage Recycling – picks up on Skidaway Island every other week: $ 15/month for curbside unsorted recyclables (glass, cardboard, plastics, papers, etc).  Call Matt at 272-4817 for further information.

The wood-chip pathways are looking mighty fine thanks to y’all’s help!  How nice it’s going to be to not have to deal with those weeds again! (4/30/12)

Getting it done….