Garden Etiquette

Evidence of BIG FOOT Seen in the Farm…

Several Farmers have reported recent evidence of alien footprints in their plots…human-shaped, some smaller than others (which look like a healthy size 10)…and some which reappeared after one Farmer weeded between her rows!  Unlike last year, 2012 has compiled more of these sightings with no earth-bound explanation except an over-developed sense of curiosity to inspect what your plot-neighbor is up to.

The irritating thing about unwanted travelers in your plot is the blatant disregard for all your work and the lack of respect for the seeds that are probably getting tromped into oblivion.  Given all this infuriating pedestrian activity, the Governance Committee had no choice but to publish the following notice:

Skidaway Farms Garden Etiquette…

“Rules to Garden Respectfully In and Amongst

200 Other Farmers”

  1. Harmony and great farming are the goals for these rules: treat each other’s plot with arms-length admiration and all will bode well inside the Farm.
  2. Arrange your plants so you can garden without stepping into your neighbor’s plot:  plants that encroach into a neighbor’s plot may be trimmed back to the plot perimeter by that Farmer without your permission.
  3. The perimeter of a plot shall not be breeched by anyone except the owner of that plot or those the owner has invited in:  please do not walk through or cut the corner of another’s plot just to save a few steps.
  4. View and admire others’ plants and gardens from the woodchip or gravel pathways only:  do not step foot on a Farmer’s wood plank “sidewalks” or fieldstone walkways that are inside their plot.
  5. Do not leave any refuse on the common walkways in the Farm: this includes weeds, unwanted vegetables and all other plant life you had cleared from your plot as well as trash that should go home with you.
  6. Hoses and spray nozzles may be left attached to hose bibs but if so, they are then able to be used by anyone:  so if you don’t want your equipment “borrowed” detach it and leave it inside your plot perimeter.
  7. The Farm’s wheelbarrows must be returned to the gate areas after you have used them:  and if a tire goes flat while in use, please contact the Committee so it can be repaired.
  8. Do not harvest or prune or trim any plant growth except that which is in your own plot:  this sort of unrequested “help” is not your prerogative and has already made for some hard feelings that were truly so avoidable.

Further rules of etiquette will be welcomed by the Committee at