Future Farmers of Skidaway

Sometimes something happens at the Farm that reminds you why you love this place so much.  Well, that something happened this morning.

The brisk air was no deterrent for our brigade of first-time Farmers in the Children’s Garden.  These kids couldn’t wait to get their hands in the soft composted soil and plant their very-first-time-ever crop of vegetables.   Boy oh boy…was that fun to watch!

These root potatoes, broccoli and lettuce plants could not have been more appreciated than they were by this merry band of gardeners.  Coordinator, Jane Kollmann and her stable of willing assistants got things off to a brilliant start and soon rows of potatoes were staked…broccoli and lettuce were lovingly mulched to perfection and the watering cans were at work along the rows of plants.

The children will be farming until it’s harvest time…and with plans to donate most of their produce to the charity, Second Harvest, these little Farmers have a busy spring ahead of them.

If you get a chance, check out the Children’s plots …they are nearest the Bulletin Board as you meander down Doc Charley Lane towards Valley Crest Square.  It’s worth the walk.  (2/25/12)