He Almost Got Into The Farm!

Wild Boar…Wild Pig…Wild Hog Different names…same threat!

Or maybe it was one of his distant cousins!  Anyway…a couple days ago, Farmer Cathy Adler was tending her plants in Section E…her plot is very close to the fence line nearest the Farm’s water pump…when she heard that unmistakable “grunt…grump…grunt” of a Skidaway Island Wild Boar.  Needless-to-say, Cathy’s loud gasp alerted him to the fact a human was nearby…so he bolted down the lane towards the south parking lot.

Good teamwork saved the day when Cathy yelled to Farmer Linda Whiddon who was working in Section A.  Linda saw the boar on his mad dash towards the cars and she whipped out of her plot….ran down the path and slammed the red gates shut!

The wild thing knew he was up against better minds than his own…saw the closed gates and escaped into the woods behind our port-o-let.  Crisis averted!

By the way….this was in broad daylight…but it can happen anytime.  So PLEASE keep the gates closed even if you are there during the day.  Just one of these guys could tear up all the plots in no-time-flat! (4/7/12)