Passive Solar Warming…

It’s just the first week in February, but one Farmer’s seedlings had grown so fast at home they were in need of transplanting. The options were to either put the beans and spaghetti squash plants in bigger pots….OR take a chance on getting them into the ground at the Farm.  And it was a beautiful warm day… SO…why not experiment!

But just to give them a chance in case of a chill, this Farmer raided her recycle box…grabbed the plastic half-gallons there and cut out the flat bottoms with a knife.  What were left were perfect little greenhouses-one per plant.  Pushed into the soil, these structures would cozy the seedlings overnight or when another chill might blow our way.  The cap on top provides a quick peek at the seedlings… or if left off, could allow in the rain.

Two other Farmers have similar little structures in their plots.  One built cubes of fence wire and covered them with heavy plastic while another purchased commercial water tube “teepees” that break the wind and provide warmth for the plants.

All of these allow the sun to heat up the inside… giving the plants the illusion that it’s spring already!  (2/3/12)