It’s Planting Time!

The seed catalogs arrived before the holidays…so it’s high time to thumb through them and get your orders in!  And with the wonderful weather Savannah has been experiencing these past few days, a Farmer’s thoughts have begun to stray to springtime and how good that baby arugula is going to taste!

One Farmer sowed her seeds indoors a couple weeks ago… she is now dutifully placing her seedling flats outdoors on sunny days to get them used to the slight chill in the air before their trip down McWhorter to the Farm.

…getting ready for the Farm…

Here in coastal southeast Georgia, planting dates can be pushed up a couple weeks or so if the weather stays cooperative.  You can get suggested dates for seed planting on our Education page.

And don’t forget to plan your plot layout with a mindful eye towards companion crops….these friendly plant layouts make a HUGE difference in the success of your harvest.  Check out Compatible plants …and those not so compatible… also on our Education page.

Spring’s a comin’!  (1/9/12)