Thank You: Evergreen Tree and the TLA!

The Farm owes a loud “THANK YOU” to Larry Simpson and his folks at Evergreen Tree Company ….those guys right next door to the Farm….and Paul Kurilla and his staff at the TLA.

Delivery courtesy of the TLA….

Evergreen supplied us with 30 cubic yards of wood chips….and the TLA lent us a front-loader and a driver for four hours.  Without all this, the Farm couldn’t have begun its project of covering all the grass (weedy) walkways with cardboard and wood chips.  Experience now tells us that this procedure is the best way to smother out the unwanted weed growth that has taken over our grassy walkways.

These chips will deplete your soil of nitrogen as they break down so do NOT use them inside your plots!  They do a great job of smothering things so keep them out of your gardens and on the walkways!

While they looked pretty for a short while last season, these paths have succumbed to out-of-control dollar weed and wild clover encroachment.  Problem is, this has led to the weeds entering into the Farm plots….and we all know how nasty THAT can be!

Covering Your Pathway…

Farmers are free to cover their walkways with cardboard and wood chips from the huge pile in the middle of the Farm.  Remember to soak the cardboard before layering the chips on top….that soaking begins the work the cardboard does on the weeds beneath it and without the cardboard, the weeds will find the sunshine somehow and grow right through the wood chips!  The chips keep the cardboard in place and will help smother weed growth once the cardboard starts to breaks down.  Use about four large wheelbarrows of chips to cover 20 feet of cardboard next to one plot.

Weeds Be Gone!  (3/21/12)

Wood chips donated by Evergreen Tree Company